Uplifting the Pursuit for Understanding

The Essential Role of Research in Change & Progress

Current Research Projects

Our current research initiatives explore the intersection of media narratives with personal experiences and societal impacts, focusing on wellness, mental health, and cognitive influence.


Eudaimonic Wellness & True Crime Podcast Hosts
This project examines how true crime podcast hosts engage with concepts of eudaimonic wellness, exploring the impact of narrating intense content on their psychological well-being. 
Parasocial Influence on Black Men's Mental Health
Our study investigates how parasocial relationships with media figures influence mental health disclosures and stigma among Black men, highlighting the role of media in shaping perceptions of mental health.
Cognitive Persuasion on Podcast Listening Storyworlds
We are analyzing how cognitive persuasion techniques used in podcasts within transmedia storyworlds affect listener engagement and narrative immersion, offering insights into effective storytelling strategies.

Research is Vital

Research profoundly influences and informs crucial fields such as healthcare, education, technology, social policy, and entertainment. At Senstoria, we recognize the pivotal role of research in driving progress and fostering understanding across these diverse sectors.

Our Research

Our investigations delve into the complex ways media narratives shape identities and societies. Grounded in psychology, media studies, and persuasion theories, we utilize a mixed-methods approach to merge the depth of qualitative research with the breadth of quantitative analysis. This synthesis allows us to uncover rich, nuanced insights that advance academic knowledge and inform media industry practices, ultimately enhancing how we interact with and understand media narratives.

Our Approach

Our approach to research is characterized by a robust commitment to interdisciplinary methods, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the media landscape's complexity. By integrating insights from psychology, media studies, and communication theories, we leverage diverse academic perspectives to enrich our research and broaden its applicability. 

We actively collaborate with universities, media organizations, and non-profit groups to extend the reach and impact of our findings. These partnerships enable a multidimensional exploration of research topics and help translate academic insights into actionable strategies.

Research Process

We employ a mixed-methods approach that blends quantitative precision with qualitative depth, allowing us to uncover patterns and capture individual experiences within media narratives. We conduct thorough literature reviews to frame our studies and identify research gaps. Our methodology integrates narrative analysis with empirical data collection, enhancing our understanding of media effects. We use various tools for rigorous data analysis and adhere to strict ethical standards, ensuring the integrity and respect of our research subjects. This streamlined process helps us deliver impactful insights effectively.

Impact & Application

The outcomes of our research projects are designed to bridge academic theories with real-world applications. They provide essential insights for policymakers, educators, and media practitioners, offering practical strategies to enhance media literacy and promote positive media consumption habits.

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