How does media affect your life?

Uncover how your relationship with media shapes your experiences and gain practical strategies for more meaningful engagement. Boost your media literacy and learn to create impactful media experiences today!.


"In a world saturated with information, the true power of media moves beyond news and entertainment. It lies in its profound ability to foster authentics relationships, nurturing trust and connection through storytelling that shapes our everyday lives."

Julie Watson, Senstoria founder


Hi, I'm Julie Watson

Founder of SENSTORIA

From early childhood, I was captivated by the power of storytelling, from the wonders of Sesame Street to the late-night laughs of Saturday Night Live. These experiences did more than entertain; they opened my eyes to the complexities of human emotions and the broader world. This lifelong fascination led me to establish SENSTORIA, where we are dedicated to unraveling the 'what,' 'why,' and 'how' of our relationships with media.

At SENSTORIA, we're committed to helping you discover and enrich your own unique media connection, fostering meaningful engagement and personal growth.

A professional portrait of Julie Watson, a confident middle-aged woman with short, wavy blonde hair. She is wearing a smart navy blue plaid blazer over a dark green top and navy jeans, sitting casually in a grey armchair with one leg crossed over the other. Her bare feet suggest comfort and authenticity. She gazes directly at the camera with a warm, approachable smile.

Where Would You Like To Start?

Training: Boost your Media Skills

Elevate your understanding of media and advance your influence through specialized training in media literacy, critical media engagement, the AI relationship, storytelling, and  entertainment-education.

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Media Strategy: Crafting Connection

Shape your brand identity and enhance audience engagement with our tailored strategies, including brand archetyping,  UX/UI design, empathy mapping, persona development, and transmedia marketing & storytelling.

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Content Creation: Stories that Resonate

Bring your narratives to life with our comprehensive production ideation services. From transmedia campaigns to digital marketing and immersive experiences, we create stories that resonate and engage.

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Research & Analysis: Insights for Impact

Dive deep into media analysis, trendspotting, and consumer behavior studies to help drive informed decision-making and strategic insights.  

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Advisory Roles: Guidance on the Go

Ensure your media productions are impactful and on target with our professional on-set and on-location advocacy and advisory services.

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Digital Programs

Explore our signature programs like The Media Quotient, What To Do When, and StorySense, designed to enhance your critical media engagement, storytelling, and overall well-being.

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Explore our Insights

Our comprehensive collection of articles has everything you need to better understand how our relationship with media and stories shapes our identities, lives, and societies. Here, we offer fresh perspectives and practical strategies to navigate your media interactions and transform them into meaningful experiences.

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