How does your relationship with media affect your life?

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"The future of media is not just about breaking news or what's streaming; it's about building relationships. In an age of instant information, strong media relationships are the cornerstone of trust and authenticity in storytelling and everyday life."

Julie Watson, Senstoria founder


Hi, I'm Julie Watson

Founder of Senstoria

As a child, I was captivated by storytelling in all its forms, from books to TV shows. I vividly recall moments spent with Sesame Street in the morning and Saturday Night Live way past bedtime. These experiences taught me about the nuances of human emotions, and media helped me understand the world. This fascination with meaning in media inspired me to create Senstoria, where we delve into the 'what,' 'why,' and 'how' of our media relationships.

All of us at Sentoria are excited to support you in exploring your own unique connection with media.


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Media Literacy & Critical Thinking

We are dedicated to fostering media literacy, promoting responsible media use, and advocating for inclusive and equitable representation, empowering you to critically analyze and interpret media messages, make informed decisions, and derive meaningful insights.

Media Psychology Consulting

With a deep understanding of human behavior, media and mental health, we offer a diverse range of services that delve into our relationship with media. Our research and expertise encompasses media literacy, audience engagement, fan psychology, including the dynamics of fans and fandoms.

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Navigating The Media Quotient

Your Comprehensive Guide to Media Literacy, Impact & Empowerment

In a rapidly changing media landscape, traditional approaches fall short. The Media Quotient bridges the gap, offering a contemporary lens through which to understand, interpret, and engage with media. It's not just about being literate; it's also about comprehensively exploring media's emotional impact and broader consequences in the digital age.

This ground-breaking program includes:

Media Literacy Fundamentals

Delve into the core elements of media literacy, including analyzing media consumption patters, developing essential tools and exploring the psychology of media.

Media and Mental Health

Investigate the relationship between media and mental health, encompassing the impact of social media, news media, body image, relationship and aggression.

AI in Media and Society

Explore the role of AI in media, from content generation and journalism to addressing biases and deepfake technology, including its impact on media ethics and disinformation.

Media Influence and Ethics

Examine media's persuasive techniques, economic influences, ownership concentration and the role of media policies in shaping ethics and societal impact.

Navigating the Challenges

Understand the complexities of media such as ethical challenges, fandom culture, coping strategies for media-inducted stress and the promotion of positive media engagement.

Future of Media & Media Literacy

Explore the evolving global media landscape and future trends, emphasizing the importance of responsible AI use, media consumption and digital wellness.

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