Emotional Well-Being and Mental Health

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Navigating Today's Emotional Landscape Can Feel A Lot Like Walking a Tightrope.

From a lingering pandemic to social and political divisions, the ground seems constantly shifting, leaving us feeling off-balance.

But even the most daring tightrope walker has a safety net to navigate the wobbly path.

And that's exactly where "What to do When" comes in. It's your digital toolbox to both understand and address the wobbles of emotional well-being and mental health.

The What to do When digital library
helps you...

  • Differentiate between emotional and mental health.
  • Learn body mapping of your emotions to understand how emotions live in your body.
  • Identify mental health challenges and concerns.
  • Build a strong support network, both personal and professional.
  • Detailed explanations of mental health concerns and treatment options for anxiety disorders, mood disorders, neurodiversities, PTSD, substance use and more.
  • Gain instant access to What to do when responses for interrupt thoughts patterns and redirect thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
  • Acquire the trauma-informed skills to support others. Create a vision for the future.
  • Apply over 100 activities or exercises to support your emotional well-being.

Hi, I'm Julie. As a mental health clinician with over a decade of experience,

I've seen the transformative power of therapy but also the barriers to accessing care. To address this, I created the 'What to Do When' library, not as a replacement for therapy, but as a complementary resource to provide immediate tools and education to a wider audience. My aim is to make mental health support more accessible and to help bridge the gap in care.

The 'What to Do When' program offers a comprehensive digital library filled with practical strategies for managing various mental health challenges. From coping with emotions and improving focus to tackling loneliness and handling panic attacks, this program supports your mental and emotional well-being. Each module is designed to be relatable, reflective, and interactive, giving you the tools to navigate life's challenges confidently.

Whether you're looking to enhance your therapy journey or seeking accessible support, the 'What to Do When' program prioritizes your well-being in today's world.

This Digital Library is For...

This program is for anyone who has ever felt alone, unworthy, unloved, or unsafe.

It's for those who have found themselves awake in the middle of the night., trying to silence the critical voice in their head and grappling with questions like "What's going on with me?" "Is something wrong with me?" "Do I need help?" "Who should I talk to, and where should I go?"

This program is for anyone who has ever hoped for a life with less distress, anguish, and more satisfaction and enjoyment.

Most importantly, this program is for you and for me...for all of us.

The Curriculum...

The course curriculum includes 8 in-depth sections addressing the following

  • Understanding psychological health.
  • Defining emotional well-being & mental health
  • Charting your unique Emotional Circulatory System
  • Understanding mental health concerns and conditions
  • Building your Personal and Professional Support Network
  • What to do When in-depth responses to over 20 top challenges.
  • Being Trauma-Informed
  • Embracing Life's Unpredictability: A Path to Fostering Hope, Resilience and Wellness
  • Comprehensive Resource Library with over 100 activities and exercises
  • Bonus Materials on navigating supporting teens.

How it works 

▸ The library is completely virtual—you can access it anytime, anywhere on your phone, tablet or computer.
▸ As soon as you hit the buy button you get instant access to the tools that can help to manage your emotional health.
▸ You have lifetime access—the videos will never go away. You can log in and re-watch as many times as you like!
▸ Satisfaction guaranteed – try it risk free for 30 days or your money back!

"Julie seriously helped me through a lot and made me way more confident and in control of my life and emotions.

- B. S. P.

"I cannot tell you how many times I felt like something was wrong with or, worse, there was nothing I could do to feel better. Julie's warmth and guidance changed that. I actually feel hopeful.

- T. M.

"I finally realize that it isn't about "fixing" myself but taking care of myself. I also appreciate knowing how to get support from friends, family and therapy."

- K. W.

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