Emotional Well-being
for the
Creative and
the Curious

Being creative and curious means embracing the unknown as a canvas for boundless possibilities.

It can also mean navigating the challenges of uncertainty and emotional upheaval.

Hi, I'm Julie.

I work those that see the world a little differently -  artists, academics, entrepreneurs and more - to find resilience through the challenges with tailored support that nurtures their unique perspectives and creative endeavors.

As a psychotherapist, consultant, and performer, my path has led me from classrooms to boardrooms, bustling sets and stages to serene contemplation zones. My diverse experiences provide insights into the hidden struggles and triumphs of the creative and curious journey. With over a decade in private practice and licensure as a Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT), I bring advanced training in EMDR, systemic art & play therapy, psychological first aid, trauma-informed care, and micro-expressions. Currently pursuing a PhD in Media Psychology, I am researching how we make meaning from the stories we hear, see, and share.

Taking the brave step to seek support reflects your courage and dedication to your well-being. I'm here to honor that commitment and accompany you on this journey.

Creativity, Curiosity, and Psychological Well-being 

A deep connection thrives between creative and intellectual engagement and mental well-being. For those contending with past trauma, engaging in creative and intellectually stimulating pursuits is vital for resilience and healing. On the flip side, nurturing creativity and curiosity thrives when we confront and dissolve internal barriers. Unresolved trauma often underlies creative and academic obstacles.

To address your needs, I utilize a blend of conversational therapy and somatic and experiential treatments tailored to support personal and professional development across any stage of life, creative medium, or intellectual discipline.

Areas of Specialization

Alleviating stress, anxiety & depression.

Mitigating performance or public speaking anxiety.

Dismantling creative and academic roadblocks.

Quelling self-doubt & negative self-talk.

Overcoming perfectionism & imposter syndrome.

Cultivating creativity & intellectual curiosity.

Managing rejection.

Practicing self-compassion.

Exploring paths of work.

Balancing work and personal life.

Establishing positive habits and perspectives.

Nurturing healthy relationships.

Navigating industry changes and uncertainty.

Therapeutic Modalities

Navigating the unique challenges of creative and intellectually curious professions can cast shadows on relationships and induce stress. With a decade immersed in artistic and academic realms, I bring unwavering dedication to nurturing growth and inspiration in those on similar paths. 


Primary Modalities

Dynamic narrative and expressive arts.

EMDR therapy.

Trauma-informed cognitive behavior therapy.


Complementing Modalities

Mindfulness and self-compassion practices

Systemic play & art therapy

Sensorimotor therapy and somatic practices

Illuminating insights through a family systems lens

Empowering self-expression through writing and expressive practices


This multifaceted toolkit guides us through your journey, nurturing resilience, growth, and a profound connection with your story.


Sessions can be held in-office, on-location, or via a HIPAA-approved, secure online platform.


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