Stories Matter.

Stories are integral to life. From books to television, conversations to live performances, stories help us understand the world.

Everything is Story

Stories make us feel ourselves and the world around us on a deep level. They can build, teach, help and hurt. And, stories can heal.

The Power of Story

You can begin to make sense of your stories by learning to shift your internal narrative.

Your stories matter to your emotional well-being and mental health.


Narrative Therapy
helps your make sense of those stories to write the next chapter of your life.


As humans, we tell stories to give meaning to our experiences. Whether positive or negative, our stories and the meaning we give them shape our reality. They influence the way we think, feel and act. Narrative coaching is a collaborative, therapeutic approach to challenge the inner chatter and find your voice to fully express yourself.

If you feel overwhelmed by negative experiences, thoughts, or emotions, coaching can help shift your narrative to feel fully present to start the next chapter in your life.

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