We are a team of  social scientists and change agents committed to positive global change through stories.


At the heart of our mission is the seamless convergence of media and mental health. With a deep understanding of both disciplines, we craft immersive experiences that empower individuals to engage thoughtfully with media while prioritizing their mental well-being.
Our unique approach blends innovative storytelling, psychological insights, and a commitment to fostering meaningful connections in an increasingly media-driven world.

Our Founder

Julie J. Watson, LMFT

Media Psychology Consultant

Julie's fascination with stories ignited from her grandfather's tales and a serendipitous supermarket encounter. Exploring narratives as an art and science, she nurtured a passion for connecting people through shared experiences. Viewing every interaction as a chance to uplift humanity with care and compassion, Julie's belief in storytelling's power drove her to unveil profound connections.

Today, Julie immerses in stories to fuel social change and meaningful bonds. Her vibrant conversation and story pop-ups foster understanding, connection, and resilience. Workshops invite self-expression through collaborative art, prose, and literary creations, revealing the transformative essence of storytelling. Julie's research uncovers storytelling's role in socio-emotional learning and mental health literacy.

A Ph.D. candidate in Media Psychology, she also holds a Master of Arts in Psychology, Master of Human Service in Social Gerontology, a Bachelor of Business Administration, and post-graduate certifications in Marriage and Family Therapy. With reach spanning education, healthcare, law enforcement, media, and more, Julie's work spans diverse sectors. Her engaging keynotes blend inspiration and education, empowering audiences to harness stories' power across contexts.


Our Team

Kayla D.

Program Director

Finnegan J.

Research Coordinaor



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